Goddess in a Bubble!

6 Mar

Bublish is a fun service for authors to present their work while adding commentary to a particular scene or chapter.  I recently created a bubble for Chapter 1 of Goddess, and I had such fun adding my “author insight!” I began with a focus on my main character, Olivia, who is unfortunately a bit vertically-challenged and therefore has trouble completing her ceremonial duties with grace.

I’m including the bubble below. Expand the commentary and the chapter by clicking the blue arrows next to each heading. I hope you enjoy.  And for the authors, head over to Bublish.com and make your own! I look forward to reading more bubbles, come back and share with me if you do.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I’m planning to use this space to share news about my book Goddess, other upcoming projects, reviews, and reflections on the life of an #indieauthor. Feel free to get in touch at author.callista.hunter@gmail.com.

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