Get your copy of Goddess authorgraphed!

11 Apr

When Evan Jacobs went to an author event in 2010, he felt left out. As the other attendees lined up to get author signatures on their books, Evan realized he only had an eBook copy of the author’s work. That’s how the Authorgraph service was born (and check out this excellent post over on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s blog for the whole fascinating story).

Authorgraph is a way for authors to “sign” eBooks. Actually, the signature you receive will be a separate document, but it can be downloaded and viewed on any eBook reading device. The idea is that a reader can create her own collection of Authorgraphs – personalized messages from her favorite authors. It’s a cute idea and a nice way for fans to connect with authors directly.

To use the service, go to the Authorgraph homepage and search for your favorite author or book. Once you find your favorite book, click “Request Authorgraph” and add a short message to the author. You’ll be notified when the author fulfills the request, and you can log in to your account to see your personalized message from the author, along with their “signature” (either an actual drawing or a script font, depending on the author’s preference).

I have been extremely flattered to receive an Authorgraph request recently, and hope to fill out many more. If you have tried Authorgraph as an author or reader, I’d love to hear your perspective in the comments! And don’t be shy – feel free to request one from me 😉



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