About Callista Hunter


Callista Hunter is a librarian and first-time author who loves fantasy and YA fiction. She has studied Latin poetry and is fascinated by the mythology of ancient Rome. Her first novel, Goddess, was published in January 2015.

After a long and happy time in Falls Church, Virginia, Callista now lives at the base of the beautiful foothills of Boise, Idaho. She has a background in science and technology, and has worked as a journalist  for a library publication. Her personal library includes a complete collection of Nancy Drew novels, an entire bookshelf devoted to Jane Austen, and of course, plenty of YA!

Callista can be found on Twitter as @AuthorCallista. You should also follow her on Pinterest where she is currently collecting inspiration for her next novel, as well as planning her ultimate trip itinerary for touring classical Greece. Her Instagram account includes lovely images and quotes from her book. You can contact Callista via e-mail at author.callista.hunter@gmail.com.


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